Global kick-off in Malta

Posted on 6.2.2017

Alvogen held its global kick-off in January in Malta with 120 company executives in attendance. This annual event is of great importance to the company, not just because it provides a great platform for its international management to meet, connect and share ideas, but also simply because it gives its global team a chance to get to know each other better in a shared environment for a few days.

Alvogen currently has commercial operations in 35 countries around the globe, with regional hubs in North America, Romania and Taiwan so it is not every day that its top management get to sit down together in one place. This event has now become a fixed feature in the Alvogen calendar and is hosted in a different country at the beginning of every year to discuss business plans and identify key areas for the coming year. During these intensive few days, Alvogen’s Chairman and CEO Robert Wessman and other members of his global team delivered presentations on their regions and business units, while members of various divisions met to discuss future strategies and objectives.

Over the coming weeks, local Alvogen kick-off meetings will be held around the globe to pass on the insights gained in Malta and communicate the company’s focus areas and goals for the twelve months ahead.